Mary Beth Bryant, Cellist


I love teaching. I love watching my students transform from pre-twinkle to the Haydn C major cello concerto. Every child can learn how to play the cello and I am certain of it. It may take shorter for some and longer for others. You may fail sometimes and you will learn and you will succeed and then you may fail again and learn even harder. With grit and sweat, I am 100% sure my students can become beautiful cellists. My ultimate goal in my studio is to create confident cellists who understand what it takes to get there.

Here is what you need to become a beautiful cellist:

-a master coach

-support at home

-routine practicing

-peer group with similar interests (a cello tribe)

-music festivals/workshops

So many people think that learning how to play the cello well is a mystery. It’s really not. It is up to me to make sure my students improve. When a student gains momentum and makes beautiful cello sounds, it’s pretty exciting to see them beam with confidence. Their lives start to get very exciting--and this makes me really happy---- This is why I teach.


Fiona, Jonathan, Willa, Aurora

Congrats EYSO kiddos- Jonathan and Fiona

Congrats to Jonathan for placing second in the 2019 Tennessee Cello Competition Junior Division!

Congrats to Fiona for getting into Cincinatti Cello Workshop! (only 12 spots!)

Fall 2017- my student Ben will be attending the Cleveland Institute of Music to study with Melissa Kraut!!!!

Congrats Ben  for making Principal Cello  EYSO


Congrats Hannah for making Principal Cello EYSO




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